The Summer Fun Challenge Day 5

I was sooooooo frustrated with this challenge. I had this great idea that doing map nails would be cool and easy. WRONG!!! I tried a few different maps to transfer on to my nails and all I did was make a mess. I haven't ever done newspaper nails either. That is why this is coming in later than usual. 

So I found a few street items and printed them really small. I covered the print with a topcoat before cutting. I had a bunch of different things to use but decided to try to make it look cute. I painted the base with China Glaze Nude and drew some roads with my Rimmel Grey Matter. I striped the roads with Zoya Pippa and added some brush with Zoya Envy and Zoya Suvi.

I think the car is super cute.

Here is the cake I got for my Dad's birthday. It is kind of a joke because most of the time when we go to a mexican restaurant, he orders this kind of stuff. 



  1. I LIKE HAHAHA that funny :D

  2. These are really adorable!! They look so great!

  3. Thanks Everyone! I guess there wasn't anything to worry about... I still managed to do something cute.


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