The Summer Fun Challenge Day 8

So here we are at the last day of the Summer Fun Challenge. I gotta say I had a lot of fun doing this :) This last day is all about Summer Fun. I have been patiently waiting for Day 8 to come around. 

Floam and Spun Sugar Funness! I completely love this mani. I wanted to do something new so I was looking at different techniques and ran across the spun sugar technique. I knew I would be doing this but it wasn't until yesterday that I knew exactly how things were gonna mesh. 

So I started off with 2 coats of Pure Ice Platinum on all of my fingers. I added 3 coats of Floam to my ring finger and thumb. Doing the spun sugar look was a lot more time consuming than I had expected. 

Here are the polishes I used. From the left... Pure Ice Platinum, Nail-venturous Floam, Kleancolor Funky Yellow, OPI Greenwich Village, and Nina Ultra Pro Blu Blaze.

I took my mixing palette to use for the polishes. I first started off with the Funky Yellow. I put some on the palette and stirred with a toothpick until it was stringy. I then ran the strings across my nails until I decided I was done with that color. I followed with Greenwich Village and did Blu Blaze last. Blu Blaze took forever to get tacky which is weird because it is actually old. There were a few too many times that my toothpick hit my nail but I think I was rushing too much.

And the last thing I did was punch a heart out of some blue painters tape with my Heart shaped hole-punch, place it on my thumb, and paint some of the white over it. This is a Fiskars 1/4" heart punch. I was going to add a heart on my ring finger too but changed my mind. I got the idea of using a hole punch from Sarah at Chalkboard Nails. She did stars for her design.

Anyways... I had fun doing this challenge!



  1. Oh my goodness! I am in love with this manicure, and now I NEED to try the spun sugar technique for myself. Well done :)

  2. Ooh wow, these look fantastic! I'll definitely have to give this technique a go :)


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