Recent road trip with sis

So I decided to go on a road trip with my sister. I had to wake up super early... well early for me. We drove north to see some beaches and a lighthouse in Neah Bay. My camera died on the hike to the lighthouse viewing area. I missed out on taking pics of a couple of bald eagles, caves, and starfish. :( My sister got a lot of pics of everything using her awesome DSLR camera. I did manage to get a crazy sunburn... convertible car = seatbelt tan line.

Here is a waterfall. There are a few that we passed along the way.

Here is a pretty pic of some flowers by the water. This was Lake Cresent... It is a huge lake!

A closeup of a daisy. I used digital zoom for this one.

 Here is the city sign for Forks. I have to say I am not a fan of this place. It is all about Twilight. My sister and I went because we needed to eat and there aren't too many places to eat up in the northwest part of the state. The place we ate was selling stupid stuff like "Cullen Family Toothpicks." Seriously!

Just a pretty scenic pic. I like the trees growing off the side.

We have made it to the ocean! This is the Straight of Juan De Fuca. It was foggy when we got close but it lifted shortly after. It was cold out there. When we were in Forks, it was in the 70's... dropped down to 58 degrees by the time we got to the water.

Pretty pic... flowers, trees, beach, and ocean.

Hello Canada! I did run into an issue around here. My cell phone decided I was actually in Canada and started international roaming. I turned it off right away. 

This was at one of our places we pulled over for pics. 

Some rock formations in the water. There are a bunch of these along the coast. You definitely have to be careful when in a boat.

I took this one as we drove by. I'm pretty happy that most of the pics that I took while she was driving came out clear and not blurry.


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