My June Glossybox

So I got my first Glossybox yesterday and I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed because it wasn't full of makeup stuff. It wasn't bad though... I do like the box. It is more heavy duty and a lil bigger that the Birchbox box. Both come with items wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon. I like how it really feels like getting a present. You never know whats in that tissue paper.
So my box came with 6 items in it. Two items were definitely sample size. I think I will try it out one more time to see if it gets better... if not, then I bounce. So far, I am most pleased with Birchbox. Anyways...

The first item I will show you is a cream shadow from Ofra in Dumb Plum. It is the only makeup item I received in my box. I will have to try it out to see if it creases. I do like the plum color though I'm sure I have something just like this since I have a lot of eye shadows in the purple range.

This is a moisturizing treatment from Wella. I don't normally use too much from Wella. They use to make an awesome hair bleaching kit but it isn't around anymore. This is supposed to be for people who have fine to normal hair. I am not sure if I fit in there but I will use it. I have chemically treated, curly hair so... I dunno.

I received a pouch with samples from vbeaute'. The three samples here are Eye Never (nourishing eye repair creme), Lite Up (Intense Brightening Agent), and Buying Time (Everyday Creme).

This is a sample of organic perfume by A Perfume Organic. I'm not even sure I should call it a sample because the vial is over half empty! The scent is Urban Organic which is fresh and citrus-y with lavender and grapefruit. Not a scent I will ever wear! I love the scent of grapefruit but the I'm not diggin on the mixture here.

This smells pretty! The scent is Hibiscus & Fig. This is going in the shower ASAP :)

I don't usually use shave cream but since they sent me some, I guess I'll use it. I don't tend to get irritated from using just a razor plus the ones I buy have the moisturizing strip on them. 


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