Lazy Days of Summer 4 - Flip Flops

So it is now time to concentrate on this challenge. When I lived in Las Vegas, I lived in flip flops. I had over 20 pairs of flip flops! I decided to paint the flip flops to something that resembles ones I have or had.

I didn't want to use my stamp plate so here is my attempt at painting them on my fingers. 
It is hard to tell what a few of them actually look like. My pointer finger is a white, green, and orange stripes base with an orange with green polka dots strap. My middle finger is a dark brown base with gold straps and a gold bow where the straps meet. My ring finger has a white base with blue flowers, a white and blue strap, and a flower where the straps meet. My pinky is a black flip flop woth green and black zebra straps and a rhinestone where they meet.

 A gray and silver polka dot base with rhinestone straps. 

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  1. You did have some pretty flip flops! Nice mani!

    1. Thanks! I think my fav pair I have are my guess flip flops with a bow and rhinestone heart dangle :) Those would be hard to draw up.

  2. lol totally agree with Vegas and the flip flops lol I love your manicure

    1. I probably still have most of my flip flops... they are just stored since there's not a huge need for them in WA. I have my favs on my shoe rack for nice summer days.


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