Lazy Days of Summer 11 - Summer Days

So I tried to come up with a good summer day theme but nothing specific came to mind so I just did a summer mani. Nothing says summer more than neon colors. I have to add that I love doing gradients. They are super pretty and too easy!

So I made this polish right before putting it on. It is full of black, white, pink, silver, and neon yellow hexes, hot pink  shreds, purple micro-slices, and super tiny black squares. It is fun throwing a polish together. Not enough creative juices flowing to give it a name... maybe Yellow is the new Pink.

This pic shows the different glitters better than in the bottle. You can really see the purple micro-slices.

These are the 2 colors I used for my gradient. I applied the sponged gradient over a layer of my glitter polish to get a peek through look. The left color is CC Laser Pink and the right is CC Wink, Wink, Twinkle. Both are neon but not as bright when sponged on. 

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