Lazy Days of Summer 7 - Dotting Tool Summer Fun

I'm not the best at using my dotting tools but it takes practice. I think I did pretty good. I think my only issues were when the polish was getting tacky.

So I made a neon pink holo polish last week and wanted to use it as my base. It was really hard to capture the holo because the glitter is so small. It looks great in person.
Here is a close-up of my polish. For the dots I used 2 colors I got from the Color Club All About Color set at Ross. They don't have names on the polishes. Very Weird. I tried Googling it and it seems like I got a mix of 2 different sets. The light pink is Space Case and the purple is Wink, Wink, Twinkle.

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  1. Fun colors! And I love the homemade pink!!

    1. Thanks :) I wish the pink was brighter and more holographic. I'm sure I can fix it but I don't want to mess it up.

    2. I almost freaked out today!! I was working on my car and a piece of the polish chipped off. It looked like my nail had been seriously stained but it was just the base coat. Thank goodness I use one :)


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