Textured Cold Stone

I saw this post on TBD blog where they did a matte/glossy textured look and decided I had to try it out. I didn't follow their directions but I did copy the idea. I love the way the dots looked like water drops.

 They used a black polish and matte topcoat. I used a matte polish and Gelous.
I used 2 coats of CG Stone Cold as my base. I cut some mani guides in half to get the lines. I also used a few dotting tools for the dots.

This pic shows it off the best... at least I think so.

I have to say my mani didn't stay nice for too long. I had to change it the next day. It is perfect for a night out or other special occasions.




  1. Very nice :) I was looking at this polish yesterday thinking maybe I need it. Now I'm more convinced.

    1. I like it. Got it on clearance at Sally's.


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