Stuck On Lace

So I went to Fred Meyer yesterday morning to buy a hose so I can wash my car. I always browse the beauty section and found some really nice Essence polishes. I bought 4 of them :)  I was so excited, I had to use one right away. I do this with my polish purchases. Unfortunately, if I buy more than 2 polishes, they get pushed off to the side for later.

This polish excited me the most. I have been lemming over a denim/indigo color polish for a while. I just don't feel like forking out a bunch of money for one color.

So here is the first polish of the 4 that I bought. This is Essense Stuck On You. I applied 2 coats of Stuck On You and one coat of SV. I am a bit disappointed with it drying darker than what it looks like in the bottle. I thought I was getting a denim/indigo looking blue but it isn't. I do still like the color. I also don't see any of the shimmer like other bloggers pics show. I really hope the other three are better with drying true to bottle color.

I originally planned on using a stamped image but ran out of time. I grabbed my white HL210 lace decal set and applied the lace that has the stars. I was going to put lace from my white HL206 set on the other fingers but opted out at the end. 


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