Grey-t To Meet Your Magenta

I wanted to use my new Essence polish Grey-t To Be Here. I wanted to really show off the light pink/orange glitter shimmer. I have a pic below that shows off the shimmer the best. I have to add that I thought I threw away my cheap reinforcement stickers but I managed to find them :(  

I wanted to do something different but time constraints caused me to do something easier and quicker. The WnW is a fast dry polish so it didn't take too long to get to the next step.

So I used WnW How I Met Your Magenta for the base/half moon. I applied 2 coats.

This is Essence Grey-t To Be Here. I love the light grey color and the shimmer is a bonus. I applied 2 coats here too.

So here you can see the 2 different colors shown in the shimmer. Towards the top you can see the light golden orange shimmer. The primary shimmer is the pink you see in the middle.


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