Claire's connecting the dots

I really couldn't wait to use one of my new Julep creme polishes and Lynnderella Connect The Dots. I really love the sky blue color of the Julep polish. It almost reminds me of the "Grabber Blue" color on some of the newer Mustangs.

Here is Julep Claire. I just got this in my Julep Maven box. I love this color. I applied 2 coats for even coverage. It went on nicely for me. I'm not too fond of the bottle shape but I'll get over it. It def could be worse.

Here is my Lynnderella Connect the Dots I recently got in a grab bag. I really love it. I have to say that big glitter hex on my ring finger bothered me quite a bit. It was somewhat curled and annoyed me... grrr.

Here you can see the different sized glitter and shimmer in the CTD polish. Claire has absolutely no shimmer so what you see is all CTD.

Here is one in grabber blue! Totally matches right?


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