Kreativ Blogger award

I got another award! Thank you Christine from Apply Polish Here :) I love getting these cute awards as well as passing them along to other bloggers. With this award, I have to tell you five things about me and then tag five blogs.

So here it goes... 5 things about me:

  1. I have a tattoo that starts on my right foot and crosses over to my left foot and up my left leg. It is a bunch of butterflies that look spray painted and dripping. It looks way cooler than I am explaining.
  2. I go through hobbies in phases. Right now I am into making my own polishes. Before that, I was creating hotfix rhinestone patterns for shirts. I have beads for making jewelry, yarn for crocheting and knitting, and it goes on. My craft room is very cluttered.
  3. I love football... big San Diego Chargers fan even though I live near Seattle.
  4. I absolutely love going to concerts. I am going to one at the end of the month. It is called Pain In The Grass and I get to see Offspring, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Candle Box, and Royal Bliss. I have seen Three Days Grace and Chevelle before and they are awesome. 
  5. I just watched Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and am sad that it is over. It was a very cute show and lasted 3 seasons.

And the 5 blogs I am nominating are:

  1. Kayono Lan (aka Johanna) from Neues vom Kellerkind
  2. Alyson from Beads. Nails. Food.
  3. Alethia from Never-Ending Nail Art
  4. Angie from Our Painted World
  5. Maribeth from Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite


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