Yesterday I decided to sign up for Copious through an invitation link on a blog. Copious is a social marketplace for buying from and selling to people. By using the invitation link, I got a $10 credit to use for items I purchase. I also got a $10 credit for signing up. One of these $10 credits has to be used all at once so the item has to cost more than $10. I have to say that I spent all of my credits yesterday. The one stipulation is that you MUST pay $.01 minimum on every purchase you make. I bought Spoiled Ants In My Pants nail polish for a total of $.50 after using some of my available credit. That also includes shipping. I think it's a great deal since you aren't obligated to anything afterwards.

Here is my invitation link for you to use: https://copious.com/invites/505fd25fcf8cca607a00ab35. This link gives you a $10 credit and once you purchase something, I get a $5 credit to spend.


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