Fall Into Autumn Challenge! 5 - Football

So I am a huge football fan... Go SD Chargers! I wanted to wait until today to post my football mani. San Diego was playing today so I showed a little more team support than usual. I wear a pink Chargers lanyard at work to support my team.

Now I made the base pink because I wanted it to look like women's gear. You can buy pink jerseys, hats, etc. to show support. I also thought I would match my lanyard. For my base, I used 4 coats of Barielle Princess. This was not the best polish to use since it is pretty sheer but it was the perfect shade of pink. 

This is the polish I made just for this week. I am calling it Charged. I applied this around the side and tip of my nails. The base is a light blue jelly and I blended it into the pink. 

I had bought some water decals and these are what they look like. I think this mani turned out great! I love it and also love the fact that the Chargers won today. Yay!


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