Put a Pin In It

I made another polish and want to share! I also wanted to do something a bit different. I hadn't done this type of mani yet with the triangles. I also used a new Color Club Polish color. This post is full of new and untrieds.

Put a Pin In It is a gilded rose gold. It is part of the Birchbox exclusive collection. I love this metallic color. It is so feminine. I can't wait to try it with a stamp. I bet it looks great.

Poindextrous is a light purple taupe jelly base with green shimmer and gold flakies. I stared at this one for a while trying to figure out what to put in it but I realized that it is perfect as it is. It was opaque in 2 coats.  

Here you can really see the gold flakes and base color. The green shimmer is so shimmery that it sometimes covers everything else. As you can see, at certain angles it looks completely different.

I used blue painters tape for the triangles. It worked perfectly since none of the base polish lifted. I sometimes have issues with that.



  1. Those are REALLY pretty colors!

    1. Thank you friend! Maybe we can spend a Friday making a polish for you.


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