Insta-This Gold Rushed

I was busy with a pair of scissors and gold foils to make chopped up gold flakes. When I was chopping up the foil, I had mentioned to a friend that I would make it and wear it over blue... This is it.

This is Color Club Insta-This. I just showed this off from my September Birchbox. I absolutely love this color. I is sooo bright and vibrant. I layered Gold Rushed, a polish I made, over it. I love how pretty the gold flake look. I put 2 coats on because I wanted more gold on the nail.

I got my Essie Matte About You in the mail yesterday and thought this was the perfect time to use it.

The matte really shows off the gold flakes. I love it! It is a long process but I think the outcome was worth it. Now I have to see if the gold flakes can withstand the chemicals in the polish and stay gold. I'm crossing my fingers! 



  1. Lovely, i love how small and crisp the flakes are and how they contrast with the blue polish! Terrific job done!

    1. Well I'm not sure my polish is any good. It turned into a blue jelly but the flakes still look gold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the flakes stay gold. It may be the start of a cool polish.


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