The Summer Fun Challenge Day 2

Woohoo, day 2 of the Summer Fun Challenge! For this mani, I knew stamps were going to be involved. I have a good assortment and actually took a bit of searching to decide which ones to use. When I found the image of the guy and girl holding hands, I knew it was perfect for my mani. Everything evolved around that.

I rotated the pic so you can look at the stamps easier. I have close-ups below :)

I am so happy with how this turned out! It is soooooo cute! At least I think so :)

I used 2 coats of China Glaze Something Sweet. It definitely dries a little bit darker. Every time I go to polish my nails with it, I cringe because I'm not a huge fan of super light polishes. I don't think they look great against my skin... kind of like wearing lipstick or gloss that is too light. Anyways...

These are the two polishes I used for stamping. I love using WnW polishes for stamping. They aren't thick and stamp easily. The plates I used are Konad M83, Cheeky CH15, and Cheeky CH29. You can view the plates under my Stamp Plates page.

Close-up of my ring finger. It is a little streaky but you have to really look close to notice it.

Close-up of my thumb.



  1. This is super cute! I loved the stamps, colours and excution of this look. Very cute!!!! (ok I'll stop saying how frikken cute this look is now ) lol

  2. Those stamps are so cute :)

  3. So cute! I love that pink, it's one of my favorite light pinks :)

  4. Yours and Ambers are for sure the best!! Good job my friend

  5. Really cute! I love the stamp! What brand is it?

    1. Thanks :) My ring finger and pink hearts are Cheeky and my thumb is Konad... I have pics of the plates under my Stamp Plates page.

  6. what cute stamps! i didn't even know there were any like that...the one of the boy and girl i mean.


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