Dabbable Pink

When I started painting my nails, I was going to do a neon gradient and painted my nails neon pink for the base. As my polish was drying, I looked over and saw the paint brush I bought specifically for nails. That changed the whole plan. I tested the idea before actually trying because I hate doing things twice because I messed up. Of course it worked great and I swapped some of the neons for my CC purple holo.

This turned out sooooo good. I usually change my polish every day or two but not sure here. I might try to keep it on a little bit longer than normal. This is def a new technique I am in love with.
So here is a close-up of my thumb. 

These are the colors I used... CC Laser pink, CC Electric Coral, and CC Wild At Heart. I used the Laser pink as my base, then dabbed the Electric Coral and Wild At Heart on the nail.

This is the paint brush I used. It is a Loew-Cornell Soft Comfort Brush 2 Bristle Fan. The bristles are somewhat stiff. I placed a small layer of polish on my mixing plate and gently dabbed the brush in the paint and onto my nail. 


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