Cheekbone Envy

Whether you prefer symmetrical contouring, windswept cheeks, or a dewy, fresh-out-of-the-steam-room glow, you can add dimension and brighten your entire face by sweeping color on your cheeks.

Contouring - Mode, sophisticated and ideal for adding a little drama to your look, "contouring" enhances your natural bone structure while creating symmetry.

  • Create the contour line: Pucker lips lightly and start in the center of your cheek (where you might find a dimple.) Using a medium-sized brush, sweep color upward toward the outside of the eyebrow, above the ear.
  • Use the right color for your face: Shading with light colors highlights areas, while accenting with darker colors draws attention away from the area in which it is used. Use a peachy color that is similar to your complexion to highlight apples, and a deeper, neutral shade to accentuate cheekbones.
  • Blend: The key with contouring is subtlety. Blend upwards towards the hairline. 

Sun-drenched and wind swept - The combination of contouring and sun-kissed application techniques gives the mysterious illusion girl next door meets sex kitten.

  • Pucker: Create contour line with a neutral shade. Apply pink or peach blush to apples of cheeks and blend outwards.
  • Apply illuminator. Blend well and apply lightly.

Dew-kissed cheeks - Perfect for an all-natural, healthy-looking glow.

  • Smile: Apply cream or powder blush in a neutral shade (pink and peach shades are best) to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Get the glow: Finish by applying an iridescent illuminator. Apply a dab of shimmer to very top of forehead (just beneath the hairline,) to the bridge of your nose (go lightly!) and to the tops of the apples of your cheeks. Applying shimmer in these areas, bounces light from one area to the other, brightening the whites in your eyes. 


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