Lazy Days of Summer - Beach Themed

So I joined another summer themed challenge... The Lazy Days of Summer. This one is a go at your own pace so I can easily do both challenges. I already have so many cool ideas. So week one is Beach Themed. Now I am not the best artist but I def try... need better nail art brushes!

So as you can see, I chopped off my nails. They were way too long for my taste and job. They actually look shorter in these pics because of the beach sand. 

So I have a sunny day, flying kite, umbrella, and seagulls. You can see most of this at our WA coastal beaches in the summer. The umbrella would never really stay because of the windy conditions.

This is weird because the pic is not actually blurry but the contrast of the neon makes it look like it is. This is my rendition of a sail boat. Could you tell that? My boat is waaaayyy to curved. Thanks black nail art brush!

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