This was a super easy look to do. I wanted to use the plastic wrap dab method I had seen on TBD. They had used a turquoise polish and dabbed gold on it. If you want to look at their finished look, I posted the link at the end of this post. I didn't use any top coat because I wanted to keep the contrast of the matte and metallic look.
Image from http://skywalker.cochise.edu/wellerr/mineral/graphite/graphiteL.htm

I recently obtained China Glaze Stone Cold and have been thinking about different ways to decorate it. I was going to use a stamp but decided I wanted to do something a little bit easier. My hands are a bit shaky right now too. 
Here is China Glaze Stone Cold. It dries matte.

These are the two polishes I dabbed onto my nails. The left polish is Kleancolor Metallic White and the right is Zoya Trixie.
This is the plastic I used. 

To create this look, take a small plastic sandwich bag or plastic wrapper and crinkle it up. Hold most of it of it in your palm and make a “flower-y” shape. You can either paint the polish directly on the plastic or put some on a flat surface (I used the middle of one of my polish wheels). Make sure to dab the plastic bag/wrap on a piece of paper once or twice before you start to remove the excess polish. Now dab it on your nail. Then do the next finger. You’ll need to re-apply the polish to the plastic bag every couple fingers.


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