Polka Dot Bikini

This is my first attempt at doing a polka dot mani. I usually keep to using stamps, guides, and special polish like crackle polish. I was going to use different colors for my polka dots but remembered I have Sephora by OPI nail art pens. They work perfect for making polka dots. I have realized I need a lot more practice using my left hand... def not as pretty!
This is my second Essie polish but really my first base polish since the other is more of a top coat.
The name of this polish is Bikini So Teeny... such a cute name. I love the periwinkle color. It does have a small bit of shimmer to it but really hard to see.

These are the three nail art pens I used. They don't have actual names. All three are shimmery... a pearl shimmer, green shimmer, and fuchsia shimmer. The fuchsia one gave me issues and the polish wouldn't go to the bottom of the tip. I ended up dipping the end in the polish and dotting it on. This may be confusing but the tip is plastic and polish comes out from around the tip and down to the point.

I also need to figure out a great way to dot in a straight line! I like the color combo and think they are cute.


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