Perfecting Your Brows

With so many brow styles out there, how do you know which one looks best on you? Here is some info on figuring that out.

The Five Basic Brow Shapes
  • Round: With a gentle, rounded arch, this shape softens angular faces with sharp features such as pointed chins.
  • Sharp Angled: With a high, sharp peak, this brow opens up the eye giving a youthful appearance. It is a strong brow that can help balance strong features such as a square jaw and give a slimming appearance to a round face.
  • Soft Angled: Still fairly high, more rounded peak give a softer, more delicate look.
  • Curved: This brow has a slight curve between the inner corner and the arched peak giving a strong appearance which works well to balance a square face.
  • Flat: This minimally arched, horizontal brow works well with long faces making them appear more oval.


Shaping Eyebrows to Flatter Your Face

Round Face - widest at the cheeks and appears almost as wide as it is long.
  • Best brow shape: High arch, angled with a short tail to give a slimmer appearance.
  • Worst brow shape: Round eyebrows will only make the face appear even more round.
Long Face -forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width with a prominent chin ans an elongated appearance.
  • Best brow shape: A more horizontal, flat brow makes the face appear more oval.
  • Worst brow shape: High arch, angled brow with a short tail only exaggerates the length of the face.
Square Face - forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width with a squared jawline. 
  • Best brow shape: Angled or curved, with a sharp peak to draw attention away from the square jaw.
  • Worst brow shape: A square jaw needs to be balanced. A round, delicate brow will not provide balance.
Heart-Shaped Face - forehead and cheeks are about the same width and your chin is narrow and tapered to a point.
  • Best brow shape: Rounded, to soften the pointed chin.
  • Worst brow shape: Flat, horizontal brow.
Oval Face - chin is slightly narrower than your forehead and tapers to a narrow oval with prominent cheeks
  • Best brow shape: This face shape can accommodate a variety of brow shapes. Soft, angled brows are particularly flattering.
  • Worst brow shape: A brow that is too highly arched.
Diamond-Shaped Face - widest at the cheekbone and your forehead is short and narrow, with angular features and pointed chin.
  • Best brow shape: An angled, round or curved brow with a peak to narrow the appearance of wide cheekbones. 
  • Worst brow shape: Flat, horizontal brow makes the face look short and wide.



Determine The Correct Begin, Arch, and End Points

The following illustration gives a visual representation of these measurements:

  1. To determine where the brow should begin, imagine a straight line from the outside edge of your nose up to the inside corner of your eye. The inner corner of the brow should begin along this line.
  2. To determine where the tail of the brow should end, imagine a straight line from the center of the upper lip, along the outer edge of the nose, up to the outer corner of the eye. The tail of the brow should end at this line.
  3. To determine arch placement, imagine a straight line from the tip of the nose through the middle of the pupil. The eyebrow should arch where that line intersects with the brow.



Clean Up

There are a few ways of cleaning up the unwanted hair. Most people get their brows waxed by a professional. This can also be done at home with hair remover wax and some strips. Waxing hurts but it is very temporary. You can also pluck out the hair. This process is long if there is a lot of hair to remove. And lastly, there is shaving. I'm not a fan of this. The hair grows back fast which leads to a lot more maintenance. I have plucked for so long that the unwanted hairs no longer grow. 



Making Up Your Brow

When applying makeup to the brows, there are a few different types you can use. There is the brow pencil, brow powder, brow wax, and brow mascara. There are also stencils you can use. It all about preference.



My Brow Regimen

Stencils are new to my makeup collection. When I want a more defined arch, I grab for a stencil and brow pencil. 
These are the 6 stencils I have. I like the A3 and C5 but the arch doesn't show up like that when I pencil them in. I wish I could grow more brow hair :( I guess the bonus is no serious maintenance... just the occasional sprout. 

This is my eyebrow by itself. I'm a natural brunette and have super light brows.

I used the A3 stencil and colored it in with my CK Brow Definition pencil in Dark Blonde.

I hope you enjoyed my little write up on brows.

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