Suede Fibers

My first foil!!! I can't believe it was so easy. I had a bit of thinking to do because I have 6 different foils and I had to choose one. I was a bit scared to use this one because of the lines but it worked out great. At least I think so :)
Not only did I want to do a foil, but I wanted it to be super dramatic. So I went with the idea of using a matte base and Shiny Holo foil.
So here are the two polishes I used. The left one is L.A. Colors BCC 571 and the right one is OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede. The silver was used under the foil for those little pieces that don't stick. 

Here is the foil I used. I bought this from Dollarnailart.com along with 5 other foils. Each one has 5 feet in it which would take a while to use up. I got the glue for free because I bought so many.

Here is a tutorial for applying foils that I found very easy to understand and follow.


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