Frosty Spectrum

Since I am posting so many busy looks, I thought I would take a quick break and flaunt my vibrant blue nails. I added a little bit of spectraflair on top for a subtle holo. I couldn't resist the glitter :)

China Glaze Frostbite... the closest polish I have to an indigo blue. Barry M is just too pricey for me. I love how Fantasy fire looks over indigo. Anyone have suggestions that aren't spendy?

This is a bottle of spectraflair I bought. I am a bit disappointed because it settled and was very hard to mix back up. I think when I get my suspension base, I will add some to this along with more pigment. I think it needs to give a bit more holo effect.

I have to say I do love this color. I know it will be getting used again really soon for some ocean surf and maybe beach action... think it might be too dark for the beach.

Here is a closer look at the holo. 


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