Eury Pearlfection

 If you have read my blog, you would remember I tore up part of my Nars Eurydice eyeshadow duo and made a nice polish out of it. I haven't worn any of the polishes I have made so this is a first. As usual, I can't manage to keep a nice, simple nail so I threw on a coat of Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection. I'm liking the combo :)

I call the franken Eurydice since it is all I used in the mix. It is an eggplant color with a slight blue flash. The other polish is my only Essie polish called Pure Pearlfection. The Pure Pearlfection is a mixture of iridescent white, teal, and pink/purple shimmer.
Here you can really see the blue flash though on the nails it isn't as bright.  

See, not as noticeable but still there. The Pure Pearlfection takes away from the blue but it probably all shows up at different angles and light.


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