Playin around making frankens!

Five more polishes I made :) All made using a clear base and pearls or metal flake usually used in car paint. They work great since they are developed to be used in paint. They even came off easily with nail polish remover. 

I guess I started a new hobby. I really enjoy making different polishes. These 5 are a start. I have bought a lot of different types of pigments and glitters to play with. I haven't come up with a clever name for each of these yet... suggestions are welcome :) Let me know what you think.

This is a light purple pearl with holographic diamonds in it. This is what 2 coats looks like.


This one is a fuchsia holographic. It especially has pink and purple glitter in it. This is what 2 coats looks like. 


This is a turquoise holographic polish. I only put one coat on and it was perfect. Good way to save the polish and time since you don't have to apply multiple times on a nail.


This is a light pink pearl. I used only one coat to make it opaque.


This is a blue/green pearl shift. Again, only one coat was applied.


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