Inner corners of eye

Applying a light color to the inner corners of the eyes brightens the face. It also widens and separates the eyes by creating the illusion that they are further apart. I like using pearl white, silver, or gold. The color I choose depends on other colors I used on my eye. The only rule is to pair it with darker shades on the lid, as it has to be the lightest shade on your eye. 
After finishing your eyeshadow and liner, apply a highlighting eyeshadow, eyeliner, or shadow stick in a light shade using a dome-shaped shadow brush or fingers. Make sure to do this before applying mascara. Swirl the brush or pat your index finger in the highlighting shadow then with eyes closed, press it directly on top of your inner corners (the width of your finger/brush will automatically cover both the top + bottom part of your lids directly to the sides of your nose). If you’re using an eyeliner or shadow stick, cover the same areas as listed above, just make sure to go back with your finger and blend. Such a little thing to do that does so much!


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