Free Spirit with Diamond Drops

After my hard work last night, I had to re-polish my nails. I was cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Needless to say, my polished fingers were wrecked and my pointer finger and thumb were dried out beyond belief. So, I chose a springy color and used my new Color Club Diamond Drops.

I used 3 coats of Pure Ice Free Spirit. I love the brightness of this green. Perfect for spring.

I applied one coat of Color Club Diamond Drops. It is a bunch of cut up holographic pieces. This was very hard to work with. I had a lot of issues getting the holographic pieces out of the bottle. I put one coat of Seche Vite over the top. There aren't really any rough areas but it is definitely not smooth. I could have added another layer of top coat to fix that. I also noticed the shimmer of Free Spirit doesn't show up anymore. Still nice looking.


This made my giggle a little. I have been frustrated with glitter settling in my franken polishes and this one settles really bad too! Not necessarily a good thing but ya know.


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