NCC Techniques #4 - Ruffian Dotticure

Here is my last post showing off some more techniques. I was going to try out my Essence Paper Print stuff to make newspaper type nails but after looking at reviews, it didn't seem like a good idea. I didn't want to waste time redoing my nails. I'll try it out later. So I decided to do a ruffian mani and threw in some dots to show off two different techniques.

I started off with two coats of Color Club Beyond. I love the Color Club holo polishes :)

I painted on a coat of Zoya Purity for the ruffian. I painted Essie Looking For Love on top of the white. I didn't want bright white for some reason. Since this Essie polish is very thin, it seemed perfect to use for a little color. 

I used a dotting tool, CC Beyond, and mad skills to add dots to it. I think it came out pretty good.


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