Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Early Sunsets

I am two days late with this one but it is because my concentration has been very lacking this past week. I actually thought yesterday was Monday. I have chiro and massage on both Monday and Thursday. I dunno. I just noticed that I was late posting a second mani because I read the dates wrong. No worries here. 

Anyways, the second day of the Falling For Nail Art Challenge is Early Sunsets. I wanted to do something a bit different than a typical gradient. I actually did a layered ombre look using four holo polishes.


I applied one coat of each in order... Jade Mystic Gold, Jade Uau!, Jade Vermelho Surreal, and Zoya Aurora. 

I think they came out pretty good considering I painted them all by hand.

I love the linear holo of the Jade polishes and also love how they just blend together. So pretty. I actually wanted to use one of my new Ruby Wings polishes over it to have a darkening effect when I went outside. It was a cool idea but sun in the Seattle area in the Fall is hard to find.



Thank you for your comments! I appreciate every single one of them.