Born Pretty Neon Studs Review

I received some neon studs from the Born Pretty store for me to review. They came in a small wheel full of small circles and squares in six different neon colors. I decided to use the squares since I used the neon glitter polish with big hex glitters. I also used another untried polish... and it's a color changing polish! Yay! Also, they gave me a discount code for you to use. Double Yay!

 I painted two coats of Digital Nails Lying on my nails. It is a color changing polish that changes from purple (cold) to a sky blue (warm). Both colors look awesome with the glitter polish.

I threw a glitter polish together to go with the neon studs. I have neon glitter mixes I bought from Glitter Unique that seemed perfect. 

I guess I need to work on my skills so I can at least make a straight line with the square studs. Besides that, I loved this mani. I am excited to use the studs in more manis.

Here is my attempt at taking a picture of my nails cold. At least you can kind of see the color change.

This is the lovely wheel of studs I was sent to review by Born Pretty. I absolutely love these! I need more colors and styles. Below is a 10% discount code for the Born Pretty store. Check it out!


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