Crumpet's New 31 Day Challenge: Day 8

I had a few choices for day 8... duochrome, holo, or flakies. I went with holo so I can showcase my spectraflair polish I made around Christmas. This is the first time wearing it and I gotta say I did good! Hopefully you all agree.

I applied 2 coats of Essie Merino Cool. I think this is my favorite taupe polish. Since I make my own polishes, I made my own spectraflair topcoat. I added a small amount of silver holo glitter too which is the small sparks of color. I played around with drawing hearts on a couple nails and 3 dots on the rest. They are pretty subtle and hard to see even though they are blue.

So pretty! I am mad that I can't find my cuticle nippers. I just used them yesterday and put them back in my mani kit. I actually can't find the kit. I hate showing off bad cuticles... mine are never really nice but I do try.

Here is a close-up of my thumb showing the hearts.


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