Crumpet's New 31 Day Challenge: Day 19

So the theme today is my favorite polish. I had to think about this because I love a few different polishes. I went with Max Factor Fantasy Fire due of the fact that I love multichrome polishes. This one shifts from red to copper to gold to green. It is still my most expensive bottle of polish. I try to not use it much since it is such a small bottle.

I started this off with two coats of Maybelline Color Show in Sapphire Siren. I applied one coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Then I free-handed on a tip using Color Club Insta-This.

I just love how the tips just pop. 

Here you can see it turn from red-orange to green. Pretty cool looking. I love polishes like this.

Here is a rare pic of my mani in the sun. I tried to get all of the colors of Fantasy Fire to show.



  1. I LOVE this! I am surprised your fav polish isnt bright green =P

  2. I know right... I almost wore a green polish but realized it wasn't my fav polish. Remember, I LOVE holo, glitter, and duochrome polishes. To have all of them together is just amazing!


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