Crumpet's New 31 Day Challenge: Day 15

The theme for Day 15 is water color nails. I have never done this and hope I did ok. I found a YouTube video by MissJenFABULOUS that seemed pretty easy. I decided using my new Pretty & Polished Pretty Chameleon would be pretty cool. My mani has many looks to it since Pretty Chameleon changes from light pink when warm to a fuchsia pink when cold.

Here are my nails completely warm

Here are my nails changing from cold to warm.

I put my nails in cold water so the polish would be dark pink though standing outside for 5 minutes would have worked as well.

Here is Pretty & Polished Pretty Chameleon. I painted on 2 coats for the base. I used Essie Bikini So Teeny, Pure Ice Platinum, Essence Oh My Glitter!, and P&P Pretty Chameleon for the water color. I guess it is more marbled 

Does it look water colored? 


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