Crumpet's New 31 Day Challenge: Day 11

I guess I've slowed down on catching up. Not a big deal as long as I don't get any more behind. The theme for day 11 is splatter. This is my second attempt at doing splatter nails. This time I decided to not use Vasoline when doing it and my cleanup wasn't too bad. I am really trying to not use the same colors very often. I actually just got Zoya Mitzi in the mail yesterday so I chose that as my first color. I noticed my Floam and it was figured out. Too easy! 

So for three of my fingers I chose to use three coats of the notorious Nail-Venturous Floam. No idea why the label is all crazy like that... that's how I got it from Ninja Polish. My thumb and ring finger got three coats of Zoya Mitzi which is a lime green matte polish. I used Color Club Gossip Column for the splatter which is a normal creme polish. You can tell the difference in the picture below.

I figured that since I am playing with different finishes I might as well go all out. I am wearing no top coat on anything. My Floam nails are gritty and I have the matte/shiny contrast going on on the other two fingers.

I think this pic really shows off the difference in the finishes.

I had to include a shot of my right hand. The splatter came out so much better... well, they are better than my left thumb.



  1. I looove the splatter nails!

    1. I love the colors! I gotta use this combo of colors again!


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