#10 Let It Snow Challenge: Hot Chocolate

So this is my rendition of hot chocolate on my nails. I think my mani does look like it though I should have added some marshmallows. Gotta have marshmallows in hot chocolate!!! I tried to make my thumb and ring finger look like the top of the hot chocolate with the little bit of foam.

I applied Julep Ginger on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers. It is a sand holo polish and just came in my Maven box. It is very similar to my Butter London All Hail The Queen!. It's ok though because I bet I know my friend Alisa would love it! 

On my thumb and ring finger I decided to try out my new polish from Flower Beauty. The color is Go with the Flow-Er. I got this one because it didn't look like a color I already have. It went on pretty nice. Flower Beauty is only sold at Walmart and should be available everywhere now.

I decided to do the spotted technique again. This time I tried using body spray. This was a bit harder to do because it quickly made holes into one big hole. I had to spray it away from the cup so I didn't have as much spray hit the polish. I think doing this works great since I got nice big holes. I used Pure Ice Platinum for the white. Now doesn't it look a bit like foam on top?


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