Such a Flirt

It's been a few days since I posted something. I have not been feeling very well the past few days. I am wearing another polish I made. I named it Such a Flirt. I love the way it turned out. I had a very hard time taking pictures. I ended up using the wrong lighting and then tried to lighten up the pics. I dunno.

I painted on two coats of Essence The Boy Next Door and one coat of Such a Flirt.

So here is a bottle shot of Such a Flirt. It is a blue jelly with pink shimmer. I added white pearl hearts and pink, fuchsia, and turquoise dots. Over a dark polish, the pink shows up a lot. I swatched it at on a light blue polish and the pink was more muted. Both ways are very pretty.

Here is a pic where I tried to hide the pink shimmer a bit to show off the glitter. I love the dots. They are cute and round. I am patiently waiting for more.

Here is a different angle to show more of the pink shimmer.


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