Fall Into Autumn Challenge! 11 - Autumn Dots

Here are my Autumn dots. I just bought 3 Dior polishes from ACW for really cheap because they are the older style bottles. The polishes are really pretty. I used 2 of them for this look.

I used 3 coats of Dior Spun Gold. Spun Gold is very sheer and hard to wear alone. Since I was going to do a gradient, it was the perfect color. I used my big dotting tool and Dior Sensual Toffee for the dots. I then sponged on the Sensual Toffee. I decided the tips weren't dark enough so I grabbed my Zoya Codie and sponged it on lightly.

My sponging got a bit outta control and it isn't as neat as usual. I think it still looks pretty. 



  1. Haha, I experienced the "out of control sponging" too the other day. But I think it looks pretty and not out of control at all. Hm, this mani almost has a falling leaves feeling to it.

    1. I am my worst critic! All I see up close are lines and blotches. From far away it looks great.


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