Fall Into Autumn Challenge! 13- Fall Flair (design of your choice)

Here is a bit of Autumn flair! Every time I hear the word flair, Office space comes to mind. Now this has nothing to do with the movie. I tried to do something kind of fancy looking. What do you think?

I used 3 coats of Barielle Elle's Spell. It is a pinkish red jelly with gold flakies in it. I love the flakes in it. I thought it would be a nice base color to add flair to. I used 3 different stamp plates and white polish for the image and added some gold dots to give it that little extra. The plates I used are: BM-320, RA-120, and RA-215.

Look at the pretty flakies.

My pointer finger looks so sad. I think I hit it with my razor unknowingly. It was a straight cut. At least it'll grow back.



  1. O.O Woah, gorgeous! I love these nails! It almost looks like nail stickers.
    Besides that, I'm totally feeling your pain about the tiny pointer nail. ^^;

    1. Thanks! I really like the Elle's Spell. I am not a red polish fan but I think it's the flakies that make me really like it. Now I look at it more, I think it looks kind of christmas-y.


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