Green Scapes

I recently made a BUNCH of polishes to sell. This is one of them. Actually this one is mine and I will make others just like it to sell. I really just do this as a hobby. I think it would be cool to make a little bit of money doing it. I love glitter polishes but some people don't. So I would like to know what kinds of polishes do you like? Glitters, shimmers, duochrome, multichrome, etc.

I think I would sell this for about $7. I would sell most of my polishes for that. My minis would be about $4. My polishes that have spectraflair are a few dollars more more. I've made 2 so far that are really pretty.

I named it Green Scapes. It is a grey jelly with a shifting pigment that shifts from green to purple. I layered it over Color Club Gossip Column. It is definitely a polish to wear over other colors. It looks best over dark colors.
I just love how this turned out. Makes me want to run out and get more pigments. I actually have a bunch at home that I bought from TKB Trading. I just need to get them in a bottle and see how great they look.


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