Worst customer service ever!!!

I ordered 4 nail polishes from mbeautylounge.com. All seemed ok since I got a shipping confirmation the next day. I checked the status religiously waiting for it to update. After 10 days of waiting, I sent an email... Got no response. I went on to the site and emailed them through there... Got no response. I sent quite a few messages too. They finally mailed it two days ago... Still never got a response. I got the package today and it was missing two of the polishes. On the receipt, it shows a credit. I checked the credit status on the site and it said I have no credits. I checked my bank account and no refund of the difference. The phone number the bank is given is not in service. Not only do they owe me for the two missing polishes, they owe me the difference in shipping which is a total of $13.45. I have a feeling I will have to contact my bank and start a case. Ugh! Never use this site!

I was doing a bit of research and found there are quite a few others that have had the same experience. This is how they do business. The BBB gave them an F rating so it is really bad. I opened a case with the BBB.  I also opened a claim with BoA. Let the bank do it!

So I have warned whoever reads this blog post. Do not buy from them unless you want to deal with bad customer service... actually lack of!!!

So a month after this whole fiasco, I received an email with a credit voucher for only the cost of the two polishes... as if I would bother going through this hassle again.


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