My first Franken

So I got a bunch of my stuff to make some of my own polishes. I bought a bunch of different types of glitter, shapes, and stuff like that. Here is the first one I have made so far. I call it Dark Rainbow.

I found out some of the bottles I ordered are AWFUL!!! I thought they would be good for mixing in pigments and glitters. As you can see from the pic, they have a nice big mouth for adding stuff. I threw in a bottle of clear polish, a bunch of rainbow glitter, Mac silver pigment, and a couple of balls for mixing.

Everything looked great. I went to polish my nails and made a huge mess. Since the bottles have such a big opening, a lot of polish was on the applicator wand and dripped while polishing. I then went to shake it and didn't have the lid on enough and polish went everywhere! Boo! So my mani lasted a day since it looked bad from the application issues. I still love the color. I think I'm going to transfer what's left into another bottle. What do you think of the color? It is very glittery in the sun.


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