Ms. Conduct likes Buttered Rum and Chocolate Mousse

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted something. Time is flying by way too fast. I can't even account for what I did to waste all that time. I did work hard last week was very tired and worn out. I dunno. I am going to set myself a goal to try to post at least every other day starting in 2014.

This mani reminds me of chocolate chip cookies for some reason. Maybe it was because they smelled like chocolate! I hadn't done a tip in a while so this was a nice change. I actually wore this for a couple days.

I started it all out with two coats of Mint Buttered Rum. I added a coat of Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse. No sun so no color change to show off :(

I used some of my tape guides and painted a coat of Cult Nails Ms. Conduct.

I wanted to eat my fingers all day!!!


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