*UPDATE* I received a counterfeit item from the Sears marketplace...

I am so angry right now! I had bought a MAC lipstick in Riveting Rose from a seller on the Sears marketplace and it turned out to be fake. I called Sears 5 different times to get this resolved and I had to go to PayPal to get a refund. The customer service representatives for Sears didn't seem to care that I received a fake item. It is so aggravating when a big company like Sears won't assist its customers. I will never buy anything from anyone affiliated with Sears again i.e. Kmart! I wanted to let anyone who reads my blog to know that Sears cannot be trusted with products they sell online.

I contacted the BBB and WA State Attorney General about the incident and both are taking further action. Sears contacted me back regarding the BBB complaint. They said they would look further into the issue with the vendor and gave me a $10 egift card. I guess they think that is OK. Redtagonline is still selling from their site so I don't think they are really working on it. This is the link to the site ... http://www.sears.com/m-a-c-sexy-matte-lipstick-riveting-rose-clearance-sale/p-SPM7949288417?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1.

I was asked to post pictures so here they are. I also took pics of one of my MAC lipsticks to show the differences I am talking about.

This is the box it came in

Here is a front view of the fake lipstick

This is the side view

This is one of my MAC lipsticks purchased at a MAC counter.

This is the label on the bottom of the fake lipstick

This is a real MAC label.

This is the fake container with the lid off. It should have the MAC logo on it twice around.

This is the real one. The logo is on the other side too.

This is the color they sent me... NOT Riveting Rose. Riveting Rose is a dark plum color. And as I had mentioned before, no scent!

Here is a link to a blog that shows what a real MAC Riveting Rose lipstick should look like... http://bowerofblisse.blogspot.com/2011/04/mac-lipstick-in-riveting-rose.html



  1. Could you post pics of the fake?

    1. Got the pics posted. I used one of my MAC lipsticks as a reference too.


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