May's Nail Art Society box

I received my second Nail Art Society box and it was full of fun stuff to use. This month's theme is Kiss-n-Tell. It is full of Kiss Nail products. I don't think I received anything I wouldn't use which is awesome. All I can say is this is definitely worth the $9.95/month.

Starting things off is my first set of Kiss Nail Dress stickers. I guess they work better than real polish strips though I've never used any so I wouldn't know.

This is another Kiss Nail Dress sticker set. I really love these ones! I hope they work well.

This is Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil kit. It actually comes with 30 stencils though I am only showing half of them. I didn't open the box when I took the pics. I love the summer colors here. I am curious how well the stencils work. Will be trying this out soon. 

I got some Kiss Nail Artist nail stickers. I don't have much luck when wearing these. Maybe I'm not wearing them right but they always seem so get messed up right away. 

I received some Kiss Nail Artist 3D charms to use. I am a bit bummed that there aren't even numbers of stuff. I tend to like both hands to match. Maybe I'm asking too much. Besides that, these look cute. 

This Kiss Marbleizing Pen & Polish set is by far the best item in the box... well I hope it is. I haven't tried it but I love the colors and am curious how well they actually do at marbleizing. The pictures always make it look easier than it is.

This is a look they did using the Marbleizing Pen & Polish and a bow from the 3D charms set.


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