10 Dollar Mall

Have you guys heard of 10 Dollar Mall? I am now addicted to it. Everything is less than $10 and they have some cute stuff. I have bought clothes, shoes, nail polish, makeup, earrings, and hair clips. There is a bunch of cute items at a bargain. I like to go thrift shopping and a lot of this stuff is cheaper than Goodwill and it's new. The shipping isn't bad either.

I bought these really cute boots by JustFab for $9.99. They fit perfectly and I am a bigger girl. I can't wait to wear them out. I still can't believe I got them for such a cheap price.

I have an invite link that you can use. I think it gives me $10 for everyone that spends more than $10. If it works, than cool. If not, well I just shared a cool place to shop.

On a side note, I had to return one item that was defective and had no issues. They sent me the RMA without asking questions. They have a 365 day return policy.


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