Mash Nails Scented Neon polish set

I was recently asked if I wanted to review some products from Mash Nails and of course I said yes! So today I am reviewing a polish set from Mash Nails. This is their Scented Neon polishes which is awesome because I ♥ scented polishes. All of my swatches have no top coat because I didn't think they needed it. They have a nice shine alone.

The blue polish is Fruit Punch. I was a bit worried with this one because fruit punch can sometimes not smell so great. This one smells really good. I used 2 coats for this one. 

I think this color is the most neon out of all of them. This is Strawberry. I only needed 2 coats. The strawberry smells like strawberry bubble gum... yum ☺

I love this color green which is actually Lime. I needed 2 coats for this one. I was thinking I could do a base of this and add the Strawberry or Cherry and have some limeade scented nails. I see myself smelling my nails all day.

Orange is orange. This one took 2 coats to be opaque. It has a strong orange scent... I could smell it while polishing. I see myself using this a lot! 

Banana! I initially thought it was going to be lemon but was much happier it wasn't. I had to apply 3 coats for it to be fully opaque. I really like this color yellow.

The last polish is Cherry. I applied 2 coats here. This one has a strong cherry scent.

Here is a look I did with these scented polishes. I call it Fruit Salad ☺. I used Kleancolor Holo Yellow, Holo Orange, Holo Blue, Holo Pink, and Holo Green. I used Zoya Purity for the white dots. I used MASH Banana, Orange, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Lime for the middle of the dots.

You can get this set at www.mashnails.com


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