May Starlooks box

So I received my May Starlooks box yesterday and it is another box with stuff I don't have or would have bought. I really like getting something new and different. I like everything in this box though I wasn't really sure at first. I have to say I really like Starlooks makeup... just throwing that out there.

The first item in my box is a Brow Shader compact. It is for all brow colors and even has a brush and highlight (the light color is a bit shimmery). This is good for someone like me who changes hair color quite often. Right now I am sporting dark brown which is weird but I get lots of compliments. Some say it makes me look like I'm in my late 20's which is awesome.

The second item is a pretty pigment. The color is Cinnamon Toss. I see this looking great in the sun. It isn't too dark. I probably have something similar but I do have a huge assortment of makeup. 

The last item I got was a cream blush. Now I was scared of this at first and am still hesitant to use it. The color is Emphasize. It looks dark and scary but it's not. I swatched it on my hand and I kind of put it on darker for the picture. It really blends out to a pretty color. I hope it looks like this on my cheeks.


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