The Halloween Challenge: Pumpkins

So I actually did the mani on time but got busy and forgot to post it. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. The theme for yesterday was pumpkins. Luckily,  I was feeling good enough to do my original pumpkin look (I did a pumpkin mani a few weeks ago when I was battling a kidney stone). I think it turned out great.

I started it off with 2 coats of a gold flake polish in clear jelly that I made. I applied a coat of OPI Tangerine Scene. I then applied a coat of my orange glow in the dark polish. For the stripes, I mixed the orange glow with Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling. I added a little sprout at the tops of the pumpkins with my green Sephora by OPI nail art pen.

Here it is glowing in the dark. I like how you can faintly see the lines I painted. I love glowing in the dark :)



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